About Us

The Gabriel Reubinoff Law Office deals with the fields of civil law and includes in its clientele the leading insurance companies in Israel.
Its past insurance clients were Hasneh, New Zealand, Prudential, Union de Paris, Yuval; its current insurance clients are Ayalon, Eliahu, Clal, Ararat, Avner – Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Insurance, the Israeli Pool for Direct Vehicle and Personal Insurance Company (1996) Ltd.

The Office represented in the past the "Ha-Mekasher" Public Transport Cooperative Association and after its merger with 'Egged', also the Egged Cooperative Association in the Jerusalem region.

The Office represents government bodies, including "Karnit" Road Accident Victims Compensation Fund, and local authorities such as Ramat Gan Municipality, Beersheba Municipality, Bat-Yam Municipality, and Holon municipality. All this is in the framework of professional liability and third party liability insurance policies, including in matters concerning planning and building laws and liability of local planning and building commissions.

The Office operates in Jerusalem and has another branch in Tel Aviv.